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September 25th: Set Your Dreams in Motion!

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Held within each dream is hope for the future, and held within each dreamer is a wealth of potential. DreamDay seeks to unlock that potential and by doing so transform the world.

Every year, many countries around the world honor the ability to labor with labor holidays. On Sunday, September 25th, individuals, businesses communities and organizations from all over the world will celebrate the ability to turn thoughts into action by honoring a simple truth: before one labors, one must dream.

Celebrate DreamDay 2016 individually or with others from ANYWHERE in the world!


Slide1 The International Day for Dreamers is a day of moving barriers aside, so that we can move forward with our dreams—for ourselves and each other.  Through a series of live and virtual events created by people all around the world, dreams finally have their day. On that day, individuals, businesses and communities not only express their dreams and aspirations, but participate in FREE online and live events that help them turn their dreams into action. Core to the DreamDay experience is the declaration of inspired visions for the future, as well as celebratory events and dialogue that take place all around the world, sparked by people with dreams in their hearts and a burning desire to make them happen–just like YOU! To learn more about how to participate in DreamDay, or create a dream project in your community, download the DreamKit. If you happen to be in NYC, join us for our opening and closing EVENTS.

There is nothing more powerful than a dream whose time has finally come.

Join individuals from all around the world who are taking time out of their busy schedules to commit to dreaming, then doing. Create a simple action plan that will not only transform the conditions of your life, business, or community, but that also has the potential to positively impact the world.   Why should I care? Never underestimate the power of human passion or belief in an idea to transform our lives, our communities and the world. We must evolve as a global society and realize that it’s not about chasing after our dreams; it’s about seeing dreams as innovations and running with them. We must learn the craft of taking our ideas and bringing them into reality through inspired action. As we move forward with our dreams, it is increasingly important that we implement them in ways that benefit the world. DreamDay is the first event in history where people carve out time to co-create future possibilities. While this event is dedicated to the dreamer in all of us, DreamDay takes it further. We will activate the transformative power of dreams by empowering dreamers to DO. On Sunday, September 25th, we will release FREE inspirational tools and resources to empower people to put their dreams into action and make a difference in their lives AND in the lives of those around them. How will I benefit from being a part of the International Day for Dreamers?

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About the Movement: The International Day for Dreamers is a day of observation based on the values of creativity, collaboration and contribution. The International Day for Dreamers was created in 2012, by an instructor of “developing and implementing ideas” at Columbia University. Just six weeks after its creation, the International Day for Dreamers was launched. This is the first ever global day of observance that honors the dreamer in all of us. We will celebrate this global event with local, live events as well as with virtual events. Celebrated on every continent, DreamDay is a much-needed rallying cry for each of us to bring forth a vision for what is possible and move it forward, no matter how big or small that vision may be. We invite you to celebrate with our FREE live and virtual lineup of events, attend a DreamDay event in your part of the world, or CREATE AN EVENT by bringing your family, friends, colleagues and/or community together to Dream then DO.

Make history by participating in DreamDay2016. Become a DreamRunner by Dreaming BIG & Taking Action.

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