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Excited to participate in World Dream Day this year?

Start NOW with the Dream Effect Challenge!

It’s an easy, simple and effective way to involve yourself in World Dream Day, and best of all, it gets others involved too!

All you need to do is make a video in which you:

  1. DECLARE your dream
  2. STATE the impact you’re going to make to actualize that dream
  3. NOMINATE three of your friends to take the challenge after you.

Then you just upload the video to any social media platform (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat), and use the hashtags #worlddreamday2016 and #dreameffectchallenge.

And that’s it! It’s easy! Here’s Stellar’s sample video to get you started:


Before you make your video, GET CLEAR on the things you want to say in it. First: what is your dream? Remember, it can be simple and small ~ “My dream is for my neighborhood to be trash-free!” ~ to complicated and huge ~ “My dream is for the WORLD to be trash-free!” WHAT your dream is doesn’t matter; what matters is that it’s YOUR dream.

Next: what’s the IMPACT you want to make ~ the specific part YOU want to have in making that dream a reality? If your DREAM is for your neighborhood to be free of trash, then your IMPACT might be picking up trash every day for an hour, or rallying your neighbors to pick up trash when they see it, or starting a neighborhood recycling program. The dream is the larger picture; the impact is the role YOU’RE going to play.


“Hi world! My name is <your name> and I have accepted the Dream Effect Challenge, in honor of World Dream Day, September 25, 2016.

My dream is <your dream>.

The impact I’m going to make on this dream is <your desired impact>.

And now I nominate <three friends you want to take the challenge>.

Thanks for watching my Dream Effect Challenge, and join us on September 25, 2016 all over the world for World Dream Day.”