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Why not host your own Day for Dreamers?

DreamDay events are happening all around the world and there are several ways to get involved, including inviting family and friends to create and share personal dreams, hosting social mixers, leading inspirational workshops/gatherings, and even creating your own TEDx style DreamTalk event.


 5 Steps for Creating Your DreamDay Event

Step 1: Decide

Search for a location that suits the type of DreamDay event you would like to hold.  For example, if you want to participate in DreamDay on your own or with your family, then prepare a quiet and soothing space, possibly in your home or find a beautiful place in nature for the dreaming to take place.  If you would like to gather a few friends in a personal home setting, the above may apply.  Getting a sponsored space from a local business may be an alternative if you want to hold a more public, community type of dream event.  A local café or restaurant may be willing to provide space for DreamDay. Check the website to see if a business in your area is already participating.

Step 2: Plan

What kind of conversation and sharing do you want to take place after the dreaming? Plan your schedule of events for your DreamDay or elect to participate in the scheduled virtual events provided by DreamDay creators.  Or do some of both.

Step 3: Design & Curate

Set the stage for dreaming at your event.   At what time of the day do you want to dream together?  Do you want music?  Do you want people to bring yoga mats for lying down, or do you want to sit in a circle?  Will you watch a DreamDay video or tune in to one of our virtual events?  Will you serve tea or other beverages beforehand?

If this is a community gathering, not everyone will know each other. Please allow time for introductions before your gathering starts.

Do you want to share a meal together?  Will you provide snacks with tea or other beverages before, during or after the sharing of dreams?

How will you close the DreamDay Conversation and Celebration?  Will you plan any follow up with the group you have dreamt with?

 Step 4 Publicize

***Once you have your schedule, location and an idea of the format the event will take, then it must be publicized if you would like to host a group or community DreamDay.

Market and publicize DreamDay. Refer people to our website, Facebook group and fan page. Post the event throughout social media, post informational flyers in your community, hand out invitations at local events, ask friends to invite their contacts and list DreamDay on community calendars provided by newspapers and TV stations. These are all great outlets for raising awareness about DreamDay.

Step 5: Orchestrate & Celebrate

It’s show time! Let the day unfold. Check back into the DreamDay website to download all the tools you need to make the most of the day. Make sure you are connecting with other participants through Twitter, Fb, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

DOCUMENT: Tweet about your event using the hashtags #WorldDreamDay

DOCUMENT: Take photos live from the event  and share it with us here, on Flickr and on the DreamDay Facebook page.