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One of the goals of World Dream Day  is to fill the world with DreamRunners. A DreamRunner is someone who actively strives to move internal and external barriers aside, in order to move forward with their dream. In the process they not only benefit themselves, but their communities, and overall the world.

The DreamRunner is a symbol of perseverance, aspiration and generosity. The thought cloud represents the spirit of taking an idea and running with it. The stars flying off the back of the DreamRunner represents the sparks of inspiration positively affecting the world.

A DreamRunner can be any one of the following: an individual pursuing a personal or professional goal; a business looking to better service its employees, clients, and the world at large; or a community working towards financial and emotional well-being.The promise of DreamDay is that on that day, EVERYONE gets to be a DreamRunner. This year, our suggested event schedule is a global ritual that draws people together in a unified experience they can participate in no matter where they are on DreamDay. Let’s Run together!



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