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On or before September 25th, download THIS digital toolkit and take action.

DreamRunnerOne of the main goals of World Dream Day is to fill the world with “DreamRunners.” A DreamRunner is someone who actively strives to move internal and external barriers aside, in order to move forward with their dream. In the process, these individuals benefit themselves, as well as their communities.

A DreamRunner can be any person actively pursuing a better future; an individual striving for a personal or professional goal, a business looking to improve its service to employees, clients, and the world, or a community working toward financial and emotional stability.

         Step 1: DREAM

Dream icon

On September 25, carve out five to ten minutes or more to focus on a dream, goal or desire you think will make a difference in your life, family, business (if you have one!), or your community.

This dream can range from simple to complex, easy or difficult to achieve. The purpose of this fun exercise is to get you investing time in YOU and what YOU are meant to become and contribute to in the world.

       Step 2: DECLARE

Declare icon

Those who write down their dreams are move likely to achieve them.

Use the “Dream Declaration Document” we’ve included in your kit to declare your dream and three actions you cantake to make this dream happen. Don’t forget to sign it at the bottom!



        Step 3: SHARE

share iconWhen you share your dream, it motivates you to keep going. It also inspires others.

My Dream is…” [Photo OR video]

After completing your Dream Declaration snap a picture of yourself with it or write “My Dream Is…”, followed by a written statement and/or drawing of your dream.