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A recent World Dream Day tradition has been to select a sound artist to create an epic playlist that reflects the theme being explored each year.


We are excited to announce that Paula De La Selva, Sacred Ceremony Holistic Healer, has been named The Official World Dream Day DJ for 2023!


Paula, Colombian Holistic Health Coach now residing in Lagos, traverses her life’s path attuned to the harmonious strains of music. Her transformative journey, originating in Guatemala, harmonizes with life’s natural rhythms, liberating her from stress, severe anxiety, insomnia, and unfulfillment, nurturing healing, and self-renewal.

In her mission to guide others, Paula weaves music threads into her practice, seeking to facilitate stress release, unveil purpose, and nurture balanced lifestyles.

Paula‘s composition features “Awakening Experiences,” where ceremonial cacao and dance unveil profound insights and reconnect with the corporeal vessel. “The Golden Path of Transformation” guides individuals through life’s 12 movements, fostering holistic healing and positive thoughts that resonate harmoniously.

Her program crescendos from addressing nutrition and stress relief to manifesting new realities, nurturing spiritual cadence, and rediscovering a sense of “Wholeness.” In this symphony, the mind, body, and soul thrive, adapting to life’s ever-changing melodies.



“Rhythms of Liberation: A Latin American Journey,” a playlist carefully curated to blend the vibrant beats of Latin American music, such as cumbia, with shamanic and organic rhythms. This musical odyssey offers a transformative experience, guiding listeners on a profound journey of self-discovery, creativity, and self-love.

With each note, “Rhythms of Liberation” invites you to surrender to the rhythmic pulse of Latin America, a culture steeped in tradition, passion, and vitality. The infectious energy of cumbia serves as the foundation, grounding you in the present moment and connecting you with your body’s natural rhythms.

As you surrender to these ancestral sounds, the shamanic and organic elements weave their enchanting spells, transporting you to a mystical realm where dreams and ideas flow freely. These rhythms act as a conduit, allowing you to release inhibitions and embrace your inner creativity.

“Rhythms of Liberation” is a sonic adventure that encourages self-reflection, self-love, and a deeper connection with the world around you. Whether you’re dancing to the beats, listening in stillness, or simply allowing the music to wash over you, this sonic journey is an invitation to explore the depths of your soul and rediscover the beauty of your own unique creativity. Let the music carry you away on a transformative journey of liberation and self-discovery.





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We encourage everyone to connect with Paula: @delaselva.holistic



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