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Follow your dreams


When you hear the words “World Domination Summit” you don’t really know what to expect. At least I didn’t when my friend, Bob Gower, casually mentioned that he would be attending and that the first wave of tickets were sold out. I can’t really explain it, but my heart sank when I heard the words “Sold Out” which signaled to me that somehow I just had to go.

Well, after having  expressed the dream of going on tour for DreamDay last year, I thought it would be a great idea to drive from NY to Portland stopping by communities in need and collecting Dreams along the way.

Well, 4500 miles later, I joined the 3,000 people who came from all around the world at #WDS2013.

I must say that I was thoroughly impressed not just by the caliber of the experience, but the quality of the people and their willingness to immediately form community and share with one another.

My first interaction with a fellow attendee highlights just that. Here it goes: as I stood in line to get my conference credentials, a man wearing flight goggles around his neck (or over his forehead) began sharing with me his project called Pilot Fire and asked me to wear goggles while I expressed the one thing I wanted to do before I died. I complied with his request after he had shared his dream and allowed me to take his Dream photo.

I’ve never had such a powerful experience while standing in line to get registered for a conference, but I guess that’s just how things flow at WDS. Dreamers abound!

Watch this video on how to get more from WDS2013.

I met a group of women who had just completed Bold Academy in February. Bold Academy is a program devised by Amber Rae where she brings together a group of twenty-somethings and supports them on their path to creating their life’s work.

One person I socially connected to was Carly Benson. Carly is a passionate blogger from Florida who is riding waves, and making her mark through embracing a miracle mindset, after having recovered from from a challenging life path.

As day one progressed, it seemed as if dreams were a recurrent theme. I met so many people with passion for what’s possible in their lives and the world at large, I felt completely at home. Many of the people I met were excited about leaving their corporate jobs to pursue the road less traveled by. Others were ready to engage the unconventional. ALL of us no matter what our situations were were seeking new standards for what could be created in our individual and collective worlds. Perhaps that’s what this experience is all about…Experiences.

Speaking of experiences, in addition to meeting wonderful, there was a concert at the Zoo with a marching band and stilt walkers. Hard to top that!

What I am loving most about WDS is how it is marked by main events, as much as it is by meetups led by people who have great ideas they would like to share with the WDS community.

One such event was “Writing you Best Book Fast” by International Speaker and executive coach Mindy Gibbins-Klein. She shared really valuable insight on connecting to a driving force that will empower you to write your book. She also emphasized the importance of having a solid plans before you begin to write. Otherwise, you could end up with a book that doesn’t serve your aims, and who wants that!?!

I am sure that if you are reading this right now, you may have dreams of writing a book. Why not move them forward by registering for DreamDay2013? August 24th, that’s the dream I’ll be working on. Join me!

Well, that’s a light overview of what went down today, more to come tomorrow! Until next time. DreamON! Go WDS2013!

Post written by Dream Activist, Ozioma Egwuonwu