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Every year, World Dream Day inspires new initiatives that support individuals, businesses and communities to dream BIG and take action.

For DreamDay2013 Ayanna McMullen, took the initiative to support the youth of Richmond Virgina by bringing the magic of World Dream Day to them.

The event inspired and informed the young participants with practical techniques that they could use to move their dreams and goals forward.

This year we’ve created a Lesson Plan & Class Presentation to support youth around the world!

Let’s salute these young DreamRunners!


Title: Harmony Kids DreamDay2013
When: Saturday August 17th 2013
Where: Richmond, VA
Who: Children/Youth 5

Objective: That youth discover their gifts and talents and learn how to launch into a dynamic and successful school year.

Harmony Kids helps youth achieve goals through organization and fun & creative interaction. Youth learned and discussed the importance of setting goals early in life to achieve future dreams. Some topics discussed were balancing school and home life and making good friends. Youth also completed various activities to implement what they learned during the session. Dialogue will be conducted with parents via Facebook to share their dreams and the dreams of their children. Future sessions are planned to give youth motivational tips and extra goal setting skills throughout the year.

“It was fun informative, refreshing and creative. A little taste of the future.”~Micah Z.

“It was very helpful and informative. It was also very creative. This will help me be more organized and I learned more about myself.” ~Jonah N.

Expected Outcome:
That youth will achieve their dreams through organization and the achievement of goals in order to help others.

Connect for more information on a Harmony Kid’s session:
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