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Join and celebrate with poets, musicians, and artists across the planet in a demonstration to promote peace, sustainability, and serious social, environmental and political change.

On September 24, 2016 poets, writers, musicians, artists, and activists around the world will come together with their communities to create and perform, educate and demonstrate for worldwide political and social change. In more than 450 cities across 100 countries, communities will come together to take a stand for peace, connection, solidarity and justice. In a world of so much trouble and alienation ~ wars, human rights violations, climate change, police brutality, racism, genocide, gender inequality, homelessness, lack of affordable medical care, religious persecution, poverty, censorship, animal cruelty ~ coming together locally on a global level is more important than ever. Whether it’s a concert or vigil, jam session or circus, poetry slam or group meditation, a march, a dance or a circus, each event will be a unique reflection of the hopes, desires and dreams of its local community ~ and you too can host one in YOURS!

To learn more about 100,000 Poets for Change or host your own local event, visit http://100tpc.org/

Become a stand for change in YOUR community!