The International Day for Dreamers touched over 22 countries last year and this year, we want to reach more.

We are looking for passionate volunteers who want to serve as Dream Ambassadors & Dream Delegates.You could play a vital role in one of today’s most important human rights movements: the right to live a life where you can aspire AND achieve.

We are looking for participants to play one or more of these roles:

Dream Ambassadors: People who are going to spread the word wherever they go in person and throughout the web (twitter, fb, pinterest, tumblr, linkedin, google+, etc). Inspire people to register for DreamDay and participate in ALL of our amazing FREE events.

Dream Delegates: People, nonprofits, NGO’s that are interested in the empowerment of a particular gender, age range, industry, community, country, region and would like to advocate on their behalf. They leverage their network to drive meaningful change.

Join a global crew of highly motivated volunteers dedicated to being the change and supporting others in the process.

To learn how you can get involved, contact [email protected].

Volunteering will allow you to play a pivotal role in helping yourself and others rise to meet their full potential. Share your gifts, lend a helping hand to someone else in need.

What you receive:

By supporting this event, you become a part of a global community of transformational change agents, mobilizing to shift the paradigm. We’re inviting individuals, businesses and communities to join us in making DreamDay a HUGE success


Dream Advocates are individuals and organizations that are inspired and excited to spread the word about DreamDay2016.

In many cases, they will create a local initiative in their local city. They see the importance and value of empowering dreamers around the world, and they embrace the DreamDay mission of uniting the world in aspiration and achievement as their own.

Dream Advocate Activities:

Spread the word: Use your networks to actively generate buzz for this initiative throughout social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, etc. #dreamday2016

Drive Conversion: We need people with local and global contacts who are willing to tell 5-10-20-50-1000-10,000 people to sign up and participate for DreamDay.

Invite friends, family and colleagues, to join the Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @dayfordreamers

Dedicate an email to your listserve/contacts announcing the DreamDay events.

Post, post post: Announce DreamDay in your next tweet, newsletter, blog post, update, Instagram photo or social event.

Stir the air: Remind people at key interception points and locations (social outings, business networking, parks, public transportation, etc.) of the fact that they have dreams and that they should tend to them.

Organize a group from your job or social network to participate remotely or attend DreamDay events in person.

Invite the DreamDay team to make a presentation at an upcoming organizational conference or meeting to share the DreamDay mission and vision.

Help us support the power of dreams as innovation by spreading the word about DreamDay2016. Share it at work with your colleagues. Discuss how this day can benefit your community. Let’s move forward together!