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Every journey starts with a dream. Whether it’s a personal goal or a professional one, every success story begins with an initial idea or ambition.


We are excited to announce that the World Dream Day DreamRunner Award for 2022 will go to Paulo Rogério Nunes (Brazil) for his dedication to turning dreams into a reality in a way that has also been a powerful contribution to his local community and many around the world.


Paulo is the co-founder of the Instituto Mídia Étnica, the largest Black media NGO in Brazil. The Instituto Mídia Étnica has been operational since 2005 and works to promote diversity and inclusion in the media. Paulo also co-founded the news portal Correio Nagô, which focuses on similar issues.


Mr. Nunes was also a Fulbright Humphrey Fellow (2011-2012) at the University of Maryland and also has been an Ashoka fellow since 2008. In 2016, he created  one of the first Black Startup accelerators in Brazil, Vale do Dendê (Dende Valley), based in Salvador, Bahia, the most African city in Brazil.



Paulo was one of the 11 young leaders invited by former President Barack Obama to a private meeting during his last visit to Brazil. He also spoke at the opening of the first Obama Foundation Summit in Chicago


Paulo is a partner in AFRO.TV, a digital startup and AFAR Ventures, a diversity consulting company. He is an alumnus of the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University and the author of “Invisible Opportunities.” He was named one of the top 100 changemakers outside the west by Rest of the World magazine.


***We celebrate Paulo and all Dreamers that DO around the world!***


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