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A recent World Dream Day tradition has been to select a sound artist to create an epic playlist that reflects the theme being explored each year.


We are excited to announce that Yes Mel, a DJ, Sensory Alchemist, and a Healer has been named The Official World Dream Day DJ for 2022!


Yes Mel is a highly talented artist who will take us on a powerful sound journey that will leave you feeling inspired and ready to elevate yourself and our world.

The percussive, electronic and euphoric bass lines blend together to create an exciting and engaging sound that is influenced by artists from the African Diaspora. The music showcases Queer and Femme artists, for a flavour that is provocative and engaging.

Yes Mel is also the founder and creator of The Sensory Alchemy collective. It explores and evokes themes around joy, grief, spirituality, decolonization of the body and mind , self love and community budding.



She has played at the biggest UK festivals such as Glastonbury and Shambala to name but a few and is a well-known guest DJ at Queer and QTIPOC nights around the UK.


Yes Mel, along with her DJ collective Sista Selecta, has played on Platforms such as 1BTN and currently presents a radio show on Slack City.



***From a place of rest and dreams, we move into a place of curiosity, play, and expansion. Here, anything is possible.***


Listen to our World Dream Day sound journey on Spotify


We encourage everyone to tune in for our interview with Yes Mel on World Dream Day:




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