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As World Dream Week comes to a close, what better way to celebrate this year’s theme of “Reimagining the Dream” than to launch a podcast that keeps the conversation going?

Introducing: The REIMAGINE Podcast.

Here is what Ozioma, the founder of World Dream Day and World Dream Week, has to say about this new venture: 

For many years, people have asked me to host a podcast. I never found a subject that I believed was inspiring enough and transformational enough for me to fully commit to. I believe that we are in the time of what I call “The Great Reimagining.” This podcast highlights people from all different walks of life with unique perspectives that play a role in transforming the trajectory of our world. I am excited about this journey and I invite you to subscribe to the channel and take the journey with us!

Please enjoy the first 5 episodes of REIMAGINE on youtube while we make our transition to where the audio for this podcast will be permanently hosted.

Interested in becoming a guest on REIMAGINE?

EMAIL: [email protected]