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Yetunde Shorters – World Dream Ambassador

World Dream Day is excited to announce Purpose Driven Leader, Yetunde Shorters as a World Dream Ambassador. 

Join Yetunde and countless others for World Dream Day on Sept 25th.

Let’s celebrate the power of ideas, goals, and dreams to make a difference!

GET YOUR FREE TICKET TO ATTEND: https://2020.worlddreamday.org/go

About Yetunde Shorters

Yetunde Shorters is an International Publicist/Purposeful Personal Branding Coach and creator of ICY ACADEMY.

She is skilled at uniquely guiding women entrepreneurs, to their specific next level of purpose, impact and authenticity, and they achieve their desired results in record time and sustain them long term. As a certified Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), she coaches her clients through their purpose and business and helps them break behavior patterns that may be holding them back from the success and freedom they seek. Using her 20+ years of expertise in public relations, design and branding, she teaches women how to activate their purpose, attract and engage their ideal paying customers, build community and earn profits confidently with that purpose. She uses radical, transformative personal branding to create lasting transformation.

Her clients have been seen by over 40-million people with over 40 cover stories secured, including features in entrepreneur magazine, CBS TV, Good morning America, Elle magazine, Tropics magazine, Essence, Ebony magazine and more. She has secured over 1,500 media features for solo-preneurs, Grammy, Tony and MTV award winning artists.

She is a Twin Mom, 4x Amazon Bestselling Author, featured on Elle, CBS, Radiant Magazine and more.

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How to created content aligned with your purpose. Content designed to get you loved, respected and paid.



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