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Tannur “Shewrightz” Ali (Georgia, USA)

Tannur “Shewrightz” Ali, originally from Philadelphia, PA; began writing poetry at eight years old and performing at the age of 11 at “Panoramic Poetry” in the October Art Gallery. At the age of fourteen, she self-published a chapbook entitled Rhymin’ with Reason. As the founder of iLOGIC ™ (Institute for the Love Of Genius In Communities) Tannur lives her life as a public servant, providing events, workshops, classes and spaces where people can “Get UnPlugged and find themselves plugged in”.

As a Social Artist she uses her talents as a poet, home-schooling mother, gardener, cook and Community Mom to help light the path of Self Realization. Her focus is especially on those who are dedicated to their own self-improvement. Tannur works with the individuals and organizations throughout Albany and Southwest Georgia to build collaborations and networks for learners of all vocations.

Winner of the Judith Stark Creative Writing Award, Host of Unplugged Poetry, creator of Pen Stroke National Poetry Festival, SheWrightz believes in the powers of transparency and vulnerability to transcend what Jean Houston calls “the great divide of other”. Her poetry provides a glimpse into her conviction.