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Ravi Hooda – World Dream Ambassador

World Dream Day announces Strategist Ravi Hooda as a World Dream Ambassador.

Join Ravi for Dream World Day on September 25th.

Let’s celebrate the power of ideas, goals, and dreams to make a difference!



About Ravi Hooda

Ravi Hooda comes from the city of dreams, Mumbai. He is an engineer by trait and an artist by heart. He loves to combine his design and problem-solving skills to help people and businesses. His passion is creating and being part of something creative. The dream he has is that his work gets seen by as many people as possible and creates a real positive impact on the world and the future. He says he had read somewhere that people in the west know India by three things Taj Mahal, Gandhi, and Shah Rukh Khan and he intends to be the fourth.


Behance profile:https://www.behance.net/marksmen

LinkedIn profile:https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravi-hooda-1a2a66182