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Peter Aigbokhan (Nigeria)

Peter Orion Aigbokhan is the creative director of Cloudbust Media, and also the the Director of the Centre for Creativity and Communication Entrepreneurship Development ( 3CED ), Nigeria, that helps artistes,entertainers and creative people to understand the principles and strategy that drive the entertainment and creative industry as well as management of creative business. Aigbokhan has extensive exposure in publishing,music,film and theatre production. He worked at Religious Broadcasting Publishing and also the the Creative Director of the Theatre Arts Students Association (TASA) University of Benin, Nigeria from 2009-2010. Analytical by nature, the former Physics major has at each stage of his work aimed at bringing out the best in people and showing how things work. He holds a B.A. In Theatre Arts, from the University of Benin, Nigeria. He loves photography,drawing,singing and science.