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Nurul J. Darmawan (Indonesia)

As mother of two Nurul J Darmawan is a former Flight Attendant for International Airlines KOREAN AIR and a secretary of company as her worked experiences, she still pursue her dreams beside her recent activities mothering and doing her own business. Recently she lives in Bali island of Indonesia, South East Asia. She is an optimist and do not like seeing overly pessimistic attitudes in the people around her.

As far as education is her concerned, she received her first Bachelor Degree in an Economic Management and now still continue her study in Undergraduate of English Teaching Education. For her, to get education is no limit because it will make people more educated, get a lot of insightful and also could open big chances in the future.

By looking at worlddreamday’s board, she believes that pursue her dreams are nothing impossible as her mission is to inspiring people that nothing is too late to reach their dreams.