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Marcelo Sousa – World Dream Ambassador

World Dream Day is excited to announce Marcelo Sousa as a World Dream Ambassador.

Join Marcelo and countless others for World Dream Day on September 25th.

Let’s celebrate the power of ideas, goals, and dreams to make a difference!



About Marcelo Sousa

Hello! I am Marcelo M. Sousa, Mindset Change Expert, speaker, host, Mastermind Circles and workshops facilitator and co-founder of the online Latin American community Vida Expansiva and English speaking Expansive Mindset. Born in Portugal, I honour my roots but home is where I am, I live in different places every year and at the same time I facilitate processes by video call where people can effectively change beliefs and thinking patterns, perceptions, and assumptions, and break free from the emotional charge in seconds to minutes. With this mental and emotional change, behavioral change becomes natural, and people can be at their highest potential, manifest the best possibilities, and co-create a new Humanity and Planet.I “walk my talk” and my motto is: Think, feel, be & live as you truly desire!