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Linda Marinovich Michigan USA
Dream Ambassador

Linda Marinovich is an author of the Conscious Kids Curriculum and Movement Activities and Breathing Observations (MABO) training manual as well as a Certified Body Centered Relationship Coach through the Hendricks Institute.

She is curious, with a vibrant high-energy personality. Linda is a connector extraordinaire, lives by the tenet of equality for all, holds the value of kindness, and desires to work with people of integrity – living in their zone of excellence or genius. One of her dreams is to develop a mentoring program for youth in the city of Detroit combining music, art, dance and social artistry skills. With her attention to detail, networking abilities, and collaborative style, Linda is currently excited as she looks for opportunities to work on a team as a project manager/ assistant/colleague in the field of the arts, culture or the environment.

She loves photography and speaking Italian. She has traveled to 23 countries and is currently exploring leading groups to Italy – to cycle, share art, eat masterfully meet people and discover out-of-the-way places. Linda happens to be passionate about living her daily life as an adventure!  She loves to include dance, movement, body awareness ,and sharing her knowledge on this subject so others can experience being embodied. Linda credits her success in her endeavors thus far, to the practices of wondering, deep listening and appreciation. Linda would love to hear about your dreams and get to know each other.