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Lauren Cruz
Manager, Head Ambassador

Lauren Cruz (AKA Lauren Rebecca) practices holistic health, gymnastics and fitness coaching. Lauren is dedicated to helping others discover the value of holism and balance in their lives while creating and maintaining optimal health. Lauren developed an expertise and discovered her love for educating and helping people with holistic health practices while she was completing her B.S. in Alternative Medicine, caring for her son Louis, and working as a manager and head competitive team gymnastics coach. She holds multiple certifications in gymnastics, fitness and nutrition and founded LaurBecca Life Health in 2013. Her mission is to enhance peoples’ psychological, physical, and social wellness through fitness, nutrition, and nutraceuticals for optimal health.

Lauren has become very inspired by the mission of World Dream Day. She has been a Dream Day activist since year one, was the Inspiration Curator and a graduate from the DreamRunner Academy in year two, and is now the Head Ambassador and Manager for World Dream Day in year three. She has had dreams of changing the world since she was twelve, and is always helping people set goals to achieve their dreams. Each year for Dream Day, Lauren has her community participate in celebrating the holiday, whether it be her team of young gymnasts or her family and friends, she assists them in declaring their dreams and developing a plan of action. Lauren is a committed to helping people from all walks of life manifest their dreams and change the world.