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Laura Albers
Dreams Ambassador: Creativity
  • Dreams Ambassador: Creativity

Laura Albers is a creative strategist and consultant for brands, artists, and individuals alike.

A love of dialogue and connecting with others Laura began her career as an EMMY award winning children’s television host on the WB network in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition to on-air hosting responsibilities she developed segments, wrote scripts and enjoyed public speaking engagements aimed to boost children’s self-esteem and abilities to handle peer pressure.

Eventually, her natural curiosity and love of dialogue led to advanced studies in human behavior and research. Laura has worked as a strategist and moderator for ad agencies in New York City and Los Angeles. Using a documentarian approach, Laura’s identified key insights by investigating the “why” in consumer behavior and creating actionable strategies for major brands like Verizon Wireless, Pedigree, Energizer, Kraft, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Sephora and Audi. She maintains her avid passion for photography.

She has a M.A. in Advertising and Marketing and a B.A. in Photography.