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Katie Stellar

Stellar headshot

With the stars in her eyes (and a guitar in hand), Katie Stellar can usually be found working tirelessly to uplift, inspire and encourage those who cross her path to step more radically into living their dreams, being the change, and creating the world they want to see.

A lifelong musician who recently began writing her own music, Stellar is a living example of the profound transformations that occur in our lives when we fully embrace the desire to know ourselves more deeply. She is a Social Artistry Trainer and Authentic Relating Games Facilitator, an Emerging Leader of Social Artistry; a poet, songwriter, organizer and dreamer extraordinaire, who awakens others to the light and love inside themselves through sharing and shining her own.

Stellar currently lives on the road, traveling all over the United States to bring music, art, inspiration and Social Artistry trainings to those who are ready to devote themselves to the emerging world.