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Juliette Wallen USA (West)
World's Biggest Dream Board

Juliette’s mission is to remind everyone that their dream is their purpose, on purpose. It is no mistake that we are born with talents along with a passion to use them. When we DREAM together, SHARE together and BELIEVE in each other our world will know peace.

As a wife and mother of two, Juliette Wallen, founder of World’s Biggest Dream Board, actively seeks peace through the sharing of dreams , encouraging those she has yet to meet, and posting daily on Facebook.

The World’s Biggest Dream Board has been shared at a number of High Schools, TEDx Village Park, around the world via Facebook and up in Space upon the International Space Station. World’s Biggest Dream Board was nominated, Internationally voted for and received the Medal for Peace from Fragile Oasis, a NASA supported non-profit founded by the International Space Station Expedition 27/28 Crew.

It is Juliette’s dream to see the children of our world born with the understanding that each person’s dream is important within one generation. Juliette Wallen believes that by teeming up with Burn Bright and World Dream Day, her dream will be realized.