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Christine-Jean Blain – World Dream Ambassador
World Dream Ambassador

World Dream Day is excited to announce Writer and Educator, Christine-Jean Blain as a World Dream Ambassador.

Join us for World Dream Day on Sept. 25th!

Let’s celebrate the power of ideas, goals, and dreams to make a difference!

GET YOUR FREE TICKET TO ATTEND: https://2020.worlddreamday.org/go

Christine will be lead our World Dream Day Dream Writer’s 2020 Workshop

September 25th 2020, 3pm- 4:30 PM EST
Dream Writer’s Workshop – New Dreams for a New World

“All that I touch I change. All that I change, changes me. The only constant is change.” -Octavia Butler

This workshop is an invitation to begin to write into existence the world we want to see.

Join us for a generative workshop creatively exploring the idea of dreams and change and how they can be harnessed to help shape our world and creative work.

REGISTER: https://2020.worlddreamday.org/DreamWriters2020

About Christine-Jean Blain

Christine-Jean Blain is a Haitian-American writer and educator. Ms. Blain is a founding member of Dubai SpeakEasy, Write Hard, an inclusive women’s writing and performance collective.

Christine has received residencies and fellowships from Hedgebrook, the National Endowment for Humanities (NEH), VONA Voices and Dream Yard.

Her work can be found in Gumbo Magazine, Sukoon Magazine of Arab themed art & Literature, NYU Abu Dhabi’s Electra Street Journal and elsewhere.


Electra Street Journal
Midnight & Indigo
IG: Blain.C.J