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Carlota Houart – World Dream Ambassador

World Dream Day announces Researcher and Activist Carlota Houart as a World Dream Ambassador.

Join Carlota and countless others for Dream World Day on September 25th.

Let’s celebrate the power of ideas, goals, and dreams to make a difference!



About Carlota Houart

Carlota Houart is a researcher, writer, dancer, and activist. During her university studies in International Relations, she developed a particular interest in the issues of Peace between human beings and between humans and nature, which led her to focus on the area of Peace Studies and Human/Nature relations. She is also currently involved in researching on gender studies and media studies, and on the connections between gender, media, and the environmental crisis. After having trained as a dancer and dance teacher for 8 years, she decided to take a break to focus on climate activism and on her work as a student of peace, but she is still searching for ways to bring together arts and efforts to create a more peaceful and sustainable world. The main questions that have been driving her path so far include how to create a world where human communities live in peace with each other and with all living beings, and how to switch from a global system based on competition and exploitation to one based on cooperation and solidarity between all forms of life.

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