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Ariel Zuniga – World Dream Ambassador

World Dream Day announces Producer Ariel Zuniga as a World Dream Ambassador.

Join Ariel for Dream World Day on September 25th.

Let’s celebrate the power of ideas, goals, and dreams to make a difference!



About Ariel Zúñiga

Ariel Zúñiga has been creating live events as a freelance lighting and video technician for the past 8 years.

Having worked on tour with musical acts Breaking Benjamin and Chevelle, as well as numerous events for Google, Amazon, and Microsoft, he is now pivoting during this pandemic into post-production and live streaming.

Ariel loves living life on his own terms. Whether it be jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, taking the plunge from managerial work into self-employment, or traveling across Southeast Asia, new experiences and growth is what he seeks and cherishes.

His dream is to channel his creative energies in increasingly expansive ways throughout the rest of a long, fulfilling life surrounded by family and friends!


Facebook: http://facebook.com/plumedrift