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Volunteer for World Dream Day
  • Volunteer for World Dream Day

Become a Dream Ambassador!

Volunteering will allow you to play a pivotal role in helping yourself and others rise to meet their full potential. Share your gifts, lend a helping hand to someone else in need.

By supporting World Dream Day you become a part of a global community of transformational change agents, mobilizing to shift the paradigm.

We are inviting individuals, businesses and communities to join us in making DreamDay a HUGE success this year.

We are looking for participants to play one or more of these roles:

Dream Ambassadors: People who are going to spread the word wherever they go in person and throughout the web (twitter, fb, pinterest, tumblr, linkedin, google+, etc). Inspire people to register for DreamDay and participate in ALL of our amazing FREE events.

Dream Delegates: People, nonprofits, NGO’s that are interested in the empowerment of a particular gender, age range, industry, community, country, region and would like to advocate on their behalf. They leverage their network to drive meaningful change.

To volunteer complete this survey: