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Amanda Lyons (Brooklyn, NY)

Amanda Lyons, MS

Amanda Lyons is an educator, facilitator, consultant, artist, visual thinker and team player based in Brooklyn, NY and is always ready to travel. She facilitates workshops, courses and trainings on visual note-taking (known as sketchnoting), conducts classroom presentations (sometimes via Skype) and also serves as a graphic recorder (visually capturing ideas from group meetings).


Amanda Lyons attended the Carey School of Business at Johns Hopkins University and received an MS in Organization Development and Strategic Human Resources. As a Lead Instructor for Outward Bound Urban Centers, Amanda taught leadership skills, building resilience and compassion in people, with the outdoors as the classroom.

In 2010, Lyons started VISUALS for CHANGE to help people better understand each other through more meaningful connections – to enhance visual language appreciation & know how. Consulting as sole proprietor, she works with companies big and small, bringing in affiliates when needed. Also, she teaches leadership seminars at Rider University through the Center for the Development of Leadership Skills, facilitates occasional corporate team-building programs with Outward Bound, and hosts corporate team-building scavenger hunts in NYC with cityHunt. Lyons collaborates with many affiliates on various projects depending on client needs. Current collaborations include the Peeragogy Project, organizing a monthly complexity group in Philadelphia, PA and building an online platform for a 9 month visual program to be released in beta in Fall 2015.