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22 September, 2015
10:00 AM
University of Richmond Downtown 626 E Broad St Richmond, VA, 626 E Broad St Richmond, VA

“Where Goal-Setting Meets Artistic Expression”

Harmony Kids helps youth achieve dreams through goal setting and organization with fun & creative interaction.

Students prepped for academic success by creating their goals and transforming those goals into a work of art within a fun, creative and dynamic group atmosphere.

Our focus is to mobilize a significant positive change in their personal and future professionals lives in order to achieve their maximum potential to positively affect their communities and hence, the world.


“It’s inspirational because it helps you figure out who you are” –  Joi / age 16

“It’s another way to express your feelings about your future” – Kielle / age 13

“It allows me to state and see every goal that leads to my vision.” – Micah / age 17


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