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When you hold a vision for what’s possible, the chances of accomplishing it increase. Join acclaimed Visual Scribe, Amanda Lyons, as she introduces you to the world of Visual Dreaming.

VISUALIZING YOUR DREAMS is a hands-on workshop built to remind you that if you can dream it, you can do it and if you can draw it, you come one step closer to making it come true.

It’s also built to remind you that ‘You can draw!’ So, it’s time to set judgement aside and get to the heart of what matters – transforming our dreams from thoughts to reality.

When we have courage to visualize and feel free to draw, we create possibilities. Let’s get together, reach for our markers and land in our dreams!

During the visual dreaming session you will have the opportunity to express yourself in new ways.

In this workshop we will reflect, clarify & find our way forward. We will also create a visual map to help you navigate the path to moving forward with goals.
As we sketch the journey using guiding questions, we will begin to allow dreams to unfold before us at the tip of a marker.

This workshop will help you to:

  • Think visually
  • Practice telling your dream journey story
  • Explore different ways to draw out and organize your  journey
  • Define (or refine) your personal drawing style (and learn drawing tips and tricks)
  • Have fun and play with possibility.

***No drawing experience necessary – stick figures, lines, curves and dots of all kinds are welcome.

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