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“Each Sunday at Inkblot was like coming up for air: A wonderful group of women, each inspiring and strong in their own way. Weekly assignments tailored to what each person needed most…Boyuan and Jahan don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. There were no fuzzy promises or lofty ideals of “change” and “transformation” — there were action steps, roadmapping worksheets and a fierce tenacity that pushed us each forward. If nothing else, their unwavering confidence in you and your vision will give the kick start you need to start believing in yourself and make it real.” – Karen B.

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Boyuan + Jahan

A highly effective 6-day intro program to help you move through your creative blocks!

  • Get the focus you need with the firm push provided by Boyuan and Jahan, Inkblot’s kick-ass facilitators, so you don’t have to do it alone!
  • By using our tools, strategies, and through the support of our community you will maximize your efforts in achieving your creative goals and have a lot more fun in the process.
  • We believe that with a good map (your vision), and a great navigator (us), you have the power to create your own path.

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If you identify with one or more of the following, chances are, you’re creatively stuck, and will benefit from The Inkblot!


  • You have no idea what you love anymore. After your draining job, you come home with just enough energy to clean, do the laundry, feed your dog/cat/child and then pass out watching Netflix while eating greasy Chinese. You’ve been asking yourself, when did life get so predictable and boring?

  • You self identify as an artist, but haven’t produced anything to share with the world in a long while…so long, you’re embarrassed to even mention the last time you took down your easel or wrote that first line.

  • You have a brilliant business idea. You’ve tried to move forward on it but constantly feel overwhelmed by the tasks and consistently end up procrastinating.

  • You been working hard on a brilliant creative project that hasn’t taken off and you have no idea why.