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Unleash The Dreamer Inside

A workshop designed by Mark Gordon to help you remove the blocks or barriers that may have held you back from realizing your dreams.

At the foundation of the workshop is the notion of letting go of limiting beliefs. What are those negative thoughts that prevent a person from living a healthier and happier life and what steps can they take to realize personal and professional success?

Mark Gordon utilizes NLP, a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation.  Through stories and metaphors he creates an environment where one can easily engage in self-reflection and ultimately self-discovery. Mark Gordon will lead your through several exercises that facilitated acute self-awareness including discovering core values, relaxation and focus, how to process negative thinking into positive outcomes, modeling excellence, building confidence and self-esteem, and creative problem solving with profound ways of overcoming challenges.MBGPCB


About Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon is a certified life coach and NLP master practitioner.  He host a weekly radio show called Center Stage featuring actors, writers, producers and directors who talk about the challenges they overcame to realize their dreams.