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Event Details

DreamDay2013 is proud to offer a limited # of FREE interactive coaching sessions for Dreamers who would like to take their lives, businesses and community initiatives to the next level.

Shadow Coaching w/ Aasha Shepard

As soon as we define our vision or dream the first thing we experience is resistance. Every fear, shadow belief or hidden commitment that could possibility stop us will. In support of Dream Day 2013 I am offering a free  45-60 minute session to 5 dreamers who are interested in  unconcealing what’s getting in your way.

My name is Aasha Shepherd I am student coach with the Ford Institute, Break through Shadow Coaching program. I am also trained in Theta Healing Basic DNA. I am very interested in supporting you in manifesting your dreams. Nothing brings me more joy and fulfillment than being in the presence of person pursuing their greatness. All you need to bring to our session is an open heart and a willingness to discover something new. To request a session email: [email protected]

 NLP Coaching w/ Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon utilizes NLP, a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation.  Through stories and metaphors he creates an environment where one can easily engage in self-reflection and ultimately self-discovery. Mark Gordon will lead your through several exercises that facilitated acute self-awareness including discovering core values, relaxation and focus, how to process negative thinking into positive outcomes, modeling excellence, building confidence and self-esteem, and creative problem solving with profound ways of overcoming challenges. To request a session email: [email protected]