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Many of us have dreams we want to see alive and flourishing in the world.Our vision is clear in our hearts and minds, but hazy when it comes to knowing what steps to take. What if the entire process of Dreaming & Do-ing could be less filled with drama and more delightful?

Join Pamela Rich & Ozioma as we delve into methods for manifesting our Dreams and desires that enliven our spirit and support the creation of a better world.

Through a series of Dream Missions, Ozioma will inspire you to tap into your goals and aspirations, transforming the way you see yourself as an agent of change, guiding you towards the realization of that dream through inspired action and the impact that it can make in your everyday life and the lives of those around you.

Pamela will guide you with a roadmap to align yourself with the natural forces to bring your dreams to fruition; daily steps that will bring you closer each day drawing from her teachings with Dr. Deepak Chopra on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – A Practical Guide to the Fulfillment of Your Desires.

During this online retreat, You will:

  • Learn that you possess everything you need to create a tidal wave of transformation in our lives and in the world
  • Gain clarity and insight into the conscious choices necessary to fulfill your dream.
  • Realize you do not need to force or control situations, people, outcomes in order to manifest your dream.
  • Connect with the ‘dance’ that allows us to maintain flow and positive momentum when challenges arise
  • Learn how to let go and trust that all will happen exactly as it’s meant to on your “Dream Path” -Recognize that it is your soul’s destiny to fulfill your dream while serving others.
  • Realize that there are no limits to where your dream can take you once you relinquish past patterns

This online retreat will launch on August 24th on the international day for dreamers and then the experience will continue for 7 days within an online community where you will gain a deeper level of access and experience these transformational resources and tools in your daily life.

When we accept that truth of a new way to approach our goals, we become more available to the new possibilities that are seeking to make their way into our lives.


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