Co-Founder and CEO of Legitmix, which is a technology based solution to legitimizing and monetizing the remix industry, while presenting a way for sampled artists and remixers to get paid. Legitmix provides a framework that clears the music sampling hurdle for remixers/producers.

1. What’s the biggest, most personally fulfilling dream you’ve achieved to date?

I have been fortunate to see three of my ideas come to life through my startups.  There is nothing more fulfilling than watching an idea take hold and make a real difference in people’s lives.

2. Were there any major challenges or obstacles that stood in your way? How did you break through them?

Making any dream come true is not easy.  At each of my startups, there were people who told me that my idea was worthless or impossible to realize.  I would make it my mission to convert them to my point of view. I wasn’t always successful but my arguments would get stronger each time.

3. How do dreams benefit the world?

Without dreamers there would be no innovation since no one would get beyond the risks of doing something new.

4. What energizes you to keep moving towards realizing your dreams

I am motivated by people getting value from my ideas.   A single encouraging email from a user can get me through a mountain of work.

5. What dream are you currently looking forward to “running with” and realizing?

I am currently working to make my dream of a legal market place for sample-based artists a reality (www.legitmix.com).   My childhood friend, Booker Sim, came to me with a problem he had licensing music for his documentary.  I came up with an idea to automate music licensing which to many seems like a dream.  Time will tell if the dream will come true.

This DreamRunner Spotlight is curated by Richard Burroughs

27754_446452468367_542868_nA very contemporary, New York City renaissance man, Richard Burroughs is a marketing strategist with  nearly fifteen years experience in helping brands tell their stories and producing engaging activations in NYC, Miami, L.A., Chicago, Las Vegas and London. Additionally, Richard is  an art curator,  with  an upcoming exhibition in Malibu, CA with the artist MyronChristian Macauley and also a DJ, spinning fun music from the Standard Hotel to private art openings across New York City. Richard’s musings from his life can be found on his blog, Uncontrollable Urges, which touches on subjects far and wide and always with a zesty opinion.