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What is a DreamDialogue?


All it takes is one conversation to expand your possibilities. 

A DreamDialogue is a global conversation designed to jump-start dreams.

DreamDialogues are the part of DreamDay where you get to give as well as receive. We are asking people to commit to an act of service by donating minutes out of their day to help someone else explore a long-held dream or exploring one for yourself.

Join or host a conversation between you and someone who has either made their dreams possible or someone who can help YOU get started with yours. Here is a quick survey to match you with a partner.

To receive guidelines for creating a successful dream conversation Download The DreamRunner Handbook 2013.

How do I participate?

Conversations are essential for making dreams happen. Participants engage in 20 minute conversations as either as Givers or Receivers. The Giver helps someone explore a long held dream while The Receiver explores one for themselves.

We are pairing people up in many locations or inviting people to make a game out of it and say to someone they meet along the way that day, “Today is DreamDay! What’s your dream?” followed by “How can I help”.

For more formal sit-downs, we encourage participants to find a place where they feel comfortable to have this conversation. Prepare by using this DreamDay Dream Dialogue Playbook.

Host a DreamDialogue in a café, a park or at home; with your friends, family and colleagues. Most of all, experience having one with a complete stranger like many of our partners are doing.

DOCUMENT: Tweet about your conversation using the hashtags #DreamDay2013 and #DreamDialogue.

DOCUMENT: Take a photo of you with your Dream Dialogue partner and share it on the DreamDay FACEBOOK page.

Guidelines for creating a successful dream conversation will be released shortly!