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TODAY, every country, every city, every town, and every village faces adversity.

IMAGINE…if around the world transformational community centers existed to address the most pressing and persistent strategic challenges facing specific communities all over the planet.

IMAGINE… A transformational community center dedicated to orchestrating the alignment and evolution of ideas, goals and dreams in such a way that they transform the livelihoods of the people who live there and the quality of the communities themselves?

The Newburgh Dream Center is a space for individual and collective transformation. We provide space, resources and tools to make your dreams a reality. We facilitate connections. We offer seminars, workshops, trainings and events in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation, creation & healing.

The Dream Center was created as a safe space for adults and children to work, learn and grow as people. Part co-working space, part healing center, part educational facility, TDC aims to keep kids off the streets and give adults opportunities to network for jobs and aid in creating a new generation of entrepreneurs in Newburgh.



The Newburgh Dream Center is a transformational community center located in the heart of Newburgh, NY. Its mission is to empower possibilities that transform lives, businesses and communities.

The Newburgh Dream center does this through transformational trainings and experiences that empower local people and activate local projects.

We teach residents of a forgotten city to dream big and take Action in areas that radically transform the trajectory of their own lives and create positive impact in their city.

Our main focus areas will be:

    • Foundations for Successful business + Brand
    • Changemakers + Youth + Female Empowerment
    • Leadership Development + Skill-Set Enhancemen
    • Civic Innovation + Creative Placemaking
    • Classical craft (Coloring, painting, Ilustration)
    • Modern Expression (Podcasting, Vloging, Blogging)
    • Meditation + Mindfulness Practices
    • Peace Education + Non Violent Communication



 To become a member of the dream center call 347-762-3639