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Every community holds within it a great of potential. Unfortunately in some of the most challenged communities, that potential remains hidden under blight, crime, and violence.

A Community Dream Canvas is one way of emerging, highlighting, and celebrating community ideas, goals, and dreams. A Community Dream Canvas in Newburgh, NY is ready to do just that!

Created by the Newburgh Dream Center in collaboration with Calabash Restaurant located at 69 Liberty Street, Newburgh, NY., the Newburgh Community DreamArt Project celebrates the hopes and dreams that exist in Newburgh and the diverse people that will help transform its future. 



Visit Newburgh and view this collaborative DreamArt project.

Come attend the Newburgh Illuminated Festival taking place Saturday, June 3rd, from 10-10pm.

Afterwards, celebrate at Calabash 10pm-2am at the closing celebration: https://www.facebook.com/events/290011748124895

Like what’s being done? Make a tax-deductible donation to the Newburgh Dream Center. HERE!

*The Newburgh Dream Center is a project of New York Based Tax-exempt Charity Global Dreams Rising.