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A Global Call for Revitalized Vision

World Dream Day 2020 will be a time of reimagining and reinventing possibilities.

In 2012, the world witnessed the first event in history where individuals, organizations, and communities carved out time to co-create future possibilities. This year, we return to our roots when the world desperately needs to dream big and take action. This year, we bring forth the same spirit of inspiration and urgency of activation that first created World Dream Day.

2020 THEME: New Dreams for a New World

Our world is going through unprecedented challenges.

For World Dream Day 2020, we invite individuals, businesses, and communities to share and activate new dreams of possibility that will guide and support the co-creation of a new foundation for the future.

What kind of world do you dream of living in?

What ideas, goals, and dreams are essential to your vision?

Declare them on World Dream Day, then take action!

Together we can build a better world!

In a manner that matches the unique needs for our times, for World Dream 2020, we invite participants in villages, towns, cities, and countries all around the world to powerfully envision new possibilities, share ideas, make connections, and develop plans on how to move our world, and their ideas, goals, and dreams forward.

Specifically, we invite the activation of experiences ONLINE using #WorldDreamDay:

Before, and on September 25th create powerful expressions: Create your own individual and/or collective observances. Declare dreams verbally and visually, create and share curated content, art, film, spoken word, engage in conversations, dream dialogues, create and/or attend online gatherings. Take part in the #dream2020challenge and join us online for our amazing 2020 programming: www.worlddreamday.org/2020event


World Dream Day Celebration (Sept 25)

New Dreams for A New World Keynote | World Dream Day “Answering the Call” Workshops

Participants are encouraged to participate in activities that make a difference. Our programming will guide participants to explore avenues that will enable them to create new possibilities all over the planet. We will bring together dreamers and doers from all over the world to collectively evolve.

DreamWriters Workshop: New Dreams For a New World. [REGISTER HERE]

Dream Circle: Dreaming As a Regenerative Act. [REGISTER HERE]


World Dream Day Live DJ: Event + Spotify Playlist

Our 2020 experience will feature a diverse array of auditory experiences that enhance intrinsic motivation and honor the importance of Ideas, goals, and dreams to make a difference.

Our Dream DJ for 2020 is Lisbon Based, DJ Johnny.


The Dare to Dream 5-Day Challenge (Sept 28-Oct 2)                                                        

Immediately after World Dream Day, we will continue to activate the transformative power of ideas, goals, and dreams through our 5-Day Dare to Dream Challenge.




Additional Free Resources: Dream Declaration, Podcast, Invitation to the World Dream Day Community,

20 Dream Quotes, 20 Tools to Build A Dream Business, 20 World Dream Ambassadors.

Free resources, tools, and inspiration will be available before, during, and after World Dream Day to help people focus and develop their dreams and move them forward.